Metallica – End of the Damage, Inc. Tour

Here are some photos with Metallica. I took these photos on February 13 in Gothenburg back in 1987. They were supposed to have played this gig one month earlier but it got cancelled so this became the end of the tour gig. Cake and bubbly wine after the show.

Photos by ©Michael Johansson /

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At the end of the show the crew came on stage and started taking down the gear and making a mess with the sound.

Setlist this very cold February evening:  
Battery – Master of Puppets – For Whom the Bell Tolls – Welcome Home (Sanitarium) –
Ride the Lightning – Bass Solo – Whiplash – The Thing That Should Not Be –
Fade to Black – Seek & Destroy – Creeping Death
The Four Horsemen – Guitar Solo – Am I Evil? – Damage, Inc.
Encore 2: Fight Fire With Fire
Encore 3: Blitzkrieg
Encore 4: Last Caress

Kirk and James pulled down Lars pants while he was thanking the audience.

End of the tour cake.

Kirk was cutting the cake.

Lars… and I have forgotten the other guy’s name.

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