Malmsteen, Florida, ’85

Mark, Anders, Jens and Yngwie just before the show at Hollywood Auditorium in Hollywood, Florida,

back in November 1985. They were opening up for AC/DC. Marcel had just had enough and quit the 

band and flown back to Sweden. I think Jens did some of the bass lines on his keyboard.

Photos by ©Michael Johansson /

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On the day of the show I did some photos with Yngwie and then girlfriend Greta on the grounds of the very nice Diplomat Hotel in Hollywood, FL.

Manager Andy, Yngwie, Greta and I got to ride a limo to the venue.

Greta helped Jens with make-up and hair fixings…

Signs with ”Yngwie is God” was held up during both Yngwie’s and AC/DC’s set.

Yngwie got some flowers after the show, not sure from whom.