Celebrating July 4th w/ Hardcore Superstar

I was going to put a bunch of photos with Hardcore Superstar from over the years here in the blog, but I ended up with close to 300 pics. Way too many for this blog so instead here are just a few from Arvikafestivalen on 4th of July back in 2008. In this first photo we have Jocke, Adde and Mr Jaegermeister.

Adde, Martin and Vic just before the show in Arvika back in 2008.

Vic, Jocke and Adde – the Wild Boys.

Jocke running around without a bag on his head.

Your very typical Hardcore Superstar fans having fun in Arvika.

Jocke celebrated the fact that this 4 of July was a Friday and not a Sunday.

Vic signing some girls forehead with a permanent marker.