Easter Poodles 2009

Here are some photos with the Poodles. I took these photos during Easter weekend back in 2009.

We visited Falun, Sandviken and Enköping. Quite a trip. 


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I wanted to re-create an old photo I had seen with Slade so in you go 🙂
Kicken, Henke, Pontus and Jacob didn’t mind at all 🙂
Pontus leading the way into…
…the hotels playroom before the show in Falun.
Yes, the girls were excited in Dalarna.
A bit of partying after the Falun show.
The Poodles fixing themselves in Falun the day after the show.
I found some easter feathers in a Sandviken roundabout so I dragged out Jacob for a shoot.
Looking for the redruM in Sandviken.
Jacob Ruled the Night in Sandviken.
Rocking Like No Tomorrow in Sandviken.
On the way down south to Enköping we stopped in a field for some pix.
”Will this really look good” ? Sure I said.
Last show in Enköping was a killer gig.
Dead band after the show.
Carola was there and borrowed my camera to shoot her man.
Vodka and white wine, why not…
Finally a hotel with a pool !!
Yepp, that is how it is done.