Sound Squad & Hades

Here is a photo with Sound Squad. I took this photo somewhere in Stockholm back in late 1983 early 1984. Matias, Mats, Erik and Per. The three guys to the right are the ones I shared a house with when I moved to Stockholm. Mats I met when I was doing my military duties in the Swedish Air Force. Matias and Mats worked together at ProLabbet, where I developed most of my films. Mats is now a well renowned photographer. Erik I think already worked at DN/Expressen, and he might still be there. Per was studying at the university, not sure what he is doing these days. Also in the “collective” was Per’s sister who had the top floor by herself. I was last in so I got the cellar… They named me “Hades”… Could have been worse I guess 🙂 These days Erik has his band Mannish Boy and they play around Stockholm all the time (I think).

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