Above The Clouds 1984

Here is a photo with Swedish heavy metal band A.T.C. I took this photo in Västervik back in July 1984. This was at Stadshotellet and some dude called “Onkel” had booked some bands for the summer. I had been there some weeks before with Neon Leon and THAT was a crazy week with free food and bar and madness. The A.T.C. guys were younger and more timid from what I remember so the weekend with them was more subtle, still a bit of madness though đź™‚ ! In the middle here in this photo we see Mappe before he joined Candlemass. To the right is guitarist Tommy Denander. I don’t remember the singer’s name, he might have been called Spider or something like that.
Photo by ©Michael Johansson / www.saguaro.se

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